Setting Up Your Ring Floodlight Cam In the Ring App

Setting up your Ring Floodlight Cam in the Ring app is a simple process.

Note: You must complete the physical installation of your Floodlight Cam before setting it up in the Ring app. If you need assistance installing your Floodlight Cam, please check out Installing Your Ring Floodlight Cam: Step 1 - Preparation and Mounting.

Step One - Download the Ring App


To download the Ring App:

  • On your mobile device, go to the App Store.
  • Do a search for “Ring.”
  • Download and install the Ring app on your mobile device.
Step Two - Create or Log in to Your Account


If this is your first Ring product, You will be asked to set up an account. To set up an account:

  • Open the Ring App
  • Select Set Up a Device,
  • Follow the in-app instructions to create a new account.

If you already have another Ring product installed, simply open the app and select “Setup Device.”

Step Three - Tap “Setup Device’


  • Tap “Setup Device”
  • Select Ring Floodlight Cam.
Step Four - Name Your Device


After beginning the setup process you will have the opportunity to name your Floodlight Cam to distinguish it from the other Ring products in your account. Several default names are suggested or you can enter a custom name for your Floodlight Cam.

Step Five - Specify Your Location


In the next step, if this is your first time setting up a Ring product, you will get a request from your phone informing you that the Ring App wishes to use your phone’s location services to pinpoint your location. Allowing the app to do so will assist in inputting your address. Without a specific location, certain features of your Floodlight Cam will not work properly.

Note: The app will estimate your address as closely as possible. If it is not completely accurate and misses the address by a few numbers, the app will still work properly.

Step Six - Put your Floodlight Cam into Setup Mode


If you just wired your Floodlight Cam and connected it to power for the first time, the bottom light will flash as the device goes into setup mode. 

If the bottom light is not flashing, press and release the small button on the top of the camera.

Step Seven - Wi-fi Setup


For the next step, your phone or tablet will need to connect to the Wi-Fi network called “Ring Setup.”

If you’re on an Android device, this step should happen automatically. 

On an iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions below:

    • Press the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to leave the Ring app.
    • Navigate to the “Settings” app.
    • Tap “Wi-Fi.”  
    • Select the network from the list that begins with “Ring Setup.”
    • Close your Settings App and return to the Ring App.
    • When you return to the Ring app, the app will automatically scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Select the network closest to your Floodlight Cam to connect it.

The remainder of the setup should complete automatically. If it doesn’t or if you run into any problems, click here.

Note: Following setup, your Floodlight Cam may update its internal software. While performing an update, the bottom light will flash. While the update is taking place and the bottom light is flashing, your Floodlight Cam will not work. Wait until it completes and your light is glowing steadily before proceeding to the next step.

Step Eight - Run a Test Through Your Floodlight Cam 


Once your Floodlight Cam has completed its update and setup, return to your app and use the app controls to test your camera and floodlights as well as adjust your coverage zones.

Click here for more information on controlling your Floodlight Cam through the Ring App.

Click here to download the instruction manual for your Floodlight Cam.

Click here for more information on the physical installation of your Floodlight Cam.



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