Floodlight Cam Setup Mode

While setting up Ring Floodlight Cam, you will be asked to put the device into "Setup Mode" (note that the device will automatically enter Setup Mode the first time it receives power.) In order to put the device into Setup Mode, press and release the small button on the top of the camera as shown in the image below.


What is Setup Mode?

When any Ring product is in setup mode, it broadcasts a temporary wifi network.

During the setup process, the Ring app will connect to this wifi network to "tell" your Ring product how to connect to your home wifi network. As soon as your Ring product has been set up in the Ring app, it will stop broadcasting this wifi network, and stay connected to your home network.

How do I know my Floodlight Cam is in Setup Mode?

You'll know your Floodlight Cam is in setup mode when the light on the bottom is flashing.


The light at the bottom of the Floodlight Cam isn't lighting up. Is something wrong?

There are three possible reasons why your light isn't lighting up:

  1. You're keeping the button pressed too long. Ensure that you are pressing the button firmly and releasing it immediately without holding it down. Holding the button down performs a different function.
  2. Your Floodlight Cam isn't receiving power. 
  3. Your Floodlight Cam is wired incorrectly. To correctly wire your device, refer to Installing Your Ring Floodlight Cam or consult a qualified electrician.

Performing a hard reset

If the light on your Floodlight Cam does not light up and flash and your Floodlight Cam is wired correctly and is receiving power, you can try performing a hard reset.

To perform a hard reset

  • Hold down the top button for a full 30 seconds.

After releasing it, the light on the bottom should flash a few times, indicating that your Floodlight Cam is restarting.

Give it about a minute to fully complete this process, then try putting it in setup mode again by briefly pushing and releasing the top button.

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