Utilizing Ring Neighborhoods

Question: What is Ring neighborhoods and how do I use it?

Answer: Ring neighborhoods is a free feature in your Ring app that allows you to see, share, and report on videos recorded by neighbors in your immediate area who have Ring products. By watching these videos and working with your neighbors, you can improve security for your whole neighborhood. 

Turning on Neighborhoods

To turn on the neighborhoods feature, do the following: 

  • Tap the Neighborhoods icon in the top right corner of the app.
  • Tap "Get Started." 
  • Tap “Continue.”
    • You will be automatically assigned to the Ring neighborhood in the area around your Ring product

Note: If you have multiple Ring products in different locations, you’ll automatically be placed in a Ring neighborhood for each location.

Neighborhood settings

To access the neighborhood settings, do the the following:

  • Tap the circle at the top right hand corner of your screen to open your neighborhood screen. 
    • Once there, you will see all the neighborhoods you are a part of.
  • Access the settings for the neighborhood you wish to adjust by tapping on that neighborhood's circle icon at the top of the screen. 

From this screen, you can control the following functions: 

  • Neighborhood name: You can change the name of your neighborhood to anything you wish from this setting.
  • Neighborhood radius: This control grows or shrinks the area around your Ring product that you consider part of your Neighborhood. Note that making the radius larger will increase the number of neighborhood alerts you receive.
  • Neighborhood alerts: When new activity is uploaded from any of your neighbors within the set radius of the neighborhood, you'll receive a notification from the Ring app. A dot will also appear over the neighborhood icon. You can turn this alert on or off from this control.

The feed

Tapping on the Neighborhoods icon will open the My Neighborhoods feed, where you’ll see videos shared by your neighbors. Neighbors will only see videos that were explicitly shared to Ring Neighborhoods. This does not showcase your entire list of recent activity.

Sharing to neighborhoods from a live event

During a live event you will see the Neighborhoods icon at the bottom right of the screen. Tapping the Neighborhoods icon will share the video directly after the call once a title has been given to the video. Once a title has been given (description is optional), you will receive a prompt letting you know the event will be uploaded shortly after review.

Sharing, deleting and flagging videos

For events belonging to you that have been shared with your neighborhood, you have the option to share and delete. By swiping left you will see a share button and a red trash can icon When an event is deleted from Neighborhoods it will still reside in your personal store of recent activity.

For your neighbors’ events you have the option to share and report (flag). Upon swiping left, you will see a share button plus a red flag icon. Report events that contain anything inappropriate, and they will be immediately removed from the neighborhood feed and reviewed.


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