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    Ramit Jain


    Is it possible the instructions could be made clearer for a UK install where we are connecting a transformer to mains power, and then connecting via new wiring to a ring pro (rather than any reuse of exisiting doorbell.)

    In instructions (Ring_manual_DoorbellPro_A) It talks in step 4 - Step 4 Locate your internal doorbell Locate your internal doorbell, and remove the cover (if you’re able to run wire from your transformer directly to your Ring Doorbell, you can skip this part).

    It doesn't make it clear when it says you can skip this part, whether its only step 4 that needs to be skipped or step 4,5,6,7???



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    Raj Bagga

    The instructions for a UK install are not very clear. I can't find anything for installing a ring pro from scratch where there is no existing hard wire bell installed.

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    Maikel Lodewijk

    I installed 3 Ring Pro EU doorbell sets, but if I measure the voltage between 1 and 4 they all output 29.8v AC isn't this way to high? I thought it should be 24v AC...

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