Connecting a New Ring Product to Chime Pro

It's easy to connect a new Ring device to a Chime Pro after you've set up the Chime Pro in the Ring app. Watch the video below to see a set up. 

Note: The video shows the Chime Pro (1st generation) but the set up process is the same for the newer version of the Chime Pro.    


If your new Ring Device has already been installed on your Ring app:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left.
  • Tap Devices.
  • Select your Chime Pro.
  • On the Chime Pro screen tap Chime Pro Network.
    • Tap the device you want to connect.
    • You can also Switch to Home WiF via this screen.   

If you're setting up a new Ring device and you have a Chime Pro installed you'll be asked if you want to connect to the Chime Pro Network during the set up process. If you select yes, then follow the set up flow in the Ring app. You can always switch to your home wifi network at another time.

The Ring Chime Pro only works with Ring devices and works best with one device that stays in the same location. Ideally, the Chime Pro will be about halfway between the Ring device and your wifi router. The maximum length between your router and the device should be about 20 feet.   

Chime Pro Manual

To download a PDF version of the manual that comes in the box with Chime Pro (1st generation), click here. 

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