How to Keep Your Mobile Device and Ring App Updated

It’s important to keep your mobile device(s) updated and your Ring app updated so you get the most benefits from your technology.

The easiest way to keep your mobile device(s) and Ring app updated is to set up automatic updates in your mobile device settings.

1. Set Up Automatic Updates for your Mobile Device(s) Operating System

iPhone (iOS)

2. Set Up Automatic Updates for your Ring App


Tap Settings on iPhone (gear icon)
Scroll down to App Store
Toggle on App Updates (green)


Open the Google Play Store app
Tap your profile icon on top right
Tap Settings --> Network Preferences ---> Auto-update apps
Select option:
Over any network to update apps using either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

3. Best Practice

Reboot your mobile device(s) weekly by completely powering off the device so the operating system and all of your apps are refreshed.

Keep in mind that each of your mobile devices needs to be individually updated (steps 1 & 2) to get automatic updates.

If your mobile device is 4+ years old, read the section on Mobile Device Hardware here.



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