How to Use Your Ring Alarm Pro As an eero Wifi Extender

If you have an existing eero network, you can use your Alarm Pro Base Station as a wifi extender for your existing eero network. When you sign up for a Ring Protect Pro plan, your Alarm Pro can become a backup option for using the internet in case of an outage while also keeping your Ring Alarm online and actively helping to protect your property.

During an Internet Service Provider (ISP) outage, Alarm Pro takes over as the gateway and provides 24/7 Backup Internet* connectivity to your eero network. When the internet outage ends, your gateway eero device will resume control of managing your network connectivity and your Alarm Pro will resume extending your eero mesh network.

How Your Ring Alarm Pro Works As a WiFi Extender

Your Alarm Pro comes with a built-in eero router, allowing it to be added to an existing eero internet setup. When you set it as a wifi extender, your current eero gateway device will maintain its place as the primary internet source (also known as the default gateway) and the Alarm Pro Base Station will act as both an extender and, if you have a Ring Protect Pro plan, as a backup internet connection device.

Benefits of Using Your Ring Alarm Pro As a WiFi Extender

Adding your Alarm Pro as a wifi extender allows you to continue to use your existing eero device as the gateway while still benefiting from 24/7 LTE Backup Internet* and other features that come with a Ring Alarm Pro system and a Ring Protect Pro subscription. At the same time, your Ring Alarm helps keep your property protected and secured.

See chart below for a list of Alarm Pro benefits.

Setting up an Alarm Pro as a wifi extender also allows you to keep your existing eero network features and benefits, including PPPoE and/or VLAN configurations.

Here are some additional benefits of this setup:

  • If your modem is located in an area that isn’t ideal for the placement of a Ring Alarm Pro Base Station (such as an area of your property that has a weaker cellular signal or is too far away for you to hear the audible alarm siren), you can position your Alarm Pro Base Station in a more optimal location.
  • You’ll avoid additional setup steps associated with replacing an existing eero gateway (which could include registering with your ISP or resetting your modem).
  • If you have an existing eero with more preferred performance capabilities, you can continue to use it as your primary internet source.

Steps to Add Your Alarm Pro As an Extender

Follow these steps to set up your Ring Alarm Pro as an extender on your existing eero network:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. Place your Alarm Pro in a place that will ensure a strong connection, preferably in a place that’s central to your existing (primary) eero router. Your Alarm Pro should ideally be:
    1. Out in the open to maximize wifi and cellular performance.
    2. Away from large electronics as they could block wifi signals.
    3. Out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. Plug in your Alarm Pro. The status light will begin to blink. Stay close to the device as it attempts to connect ("Looking for eero devices").
  4. Once your Alarm Pro is found, proceed as instructed to set placement, connect to the internet, and register the device. Tap “Finish Setup” when prompted.
  5. If your Alarm Pro is not found, you might have to move it to a better location and try again.

Ring Alarm Pro Advanced Features

Features that require a Ring Protect Pro Plan*
24/7 Backup Internet
Extra Data
Ring Edge with Local Video Storage
eero Secure*** features (requires Ring Protect Pro Plan)
Advanced security to help protect your connected devices from online threats.
Block a variety of ads on devices connected to your network.
Block or allow specific websites on your network or only on certain profiles.
SafeSearch to help ensure that Google search results are appropriate.
Content filtering allows you to set profile-specific filters for different types of content.
Historical data usage allows you to see daily, weekly, and monthly data usage.
VIP support sends you to the front of the line when you need help.


Click here to learn more about Ring Protect Plans.
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FAQs About Using Your Alarm Pro As an eero Wifi Extender

Can I use my Alarm Pro as an extender with any wireless network?

No, only with an eero network.

Is a Protect Plan required to use an Alarm Pro as an eero extender?

To access the advanced features of the Alarm Pro (including 24/7 Backup Internet* and Ring Edge), you need to be subscribed to a Ring Protect Pro plan.

What if there is a power outage when I’m using my Alarm Pro as an eero extender?

If have a Ring Power Pack and an Alarm Pro, you’ll continue to receive power to your Alarm Pro Base Station, which will keep your Ring Alarm online and actively helping to protect your home or business. Battery life varies depending on your specific usage and environmental factors (click here for more information). If you have 24/7 Backup Internet (Protect Pro plan required),* you’ll also continue to have internet access with your Alarm Pro and add Extra Data (optional) until the power and internet is restored.

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* Compatible Ring Protect subscription required (sold separately). Extra data charges may apply. Cellular data is provided by a third party carrier. Coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. Will require backup power if the power goes out. Visit for more details.

** Built-in eero mesh wifi router provides up to 1500 sq. ft. of coverage. Use as an extender requires an existing eero network; adding eero extenders expands coverage in larger homes. Internet connection speeds depend on your internet service provider. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE standard 802.11 specification. Specifications assume wired ethernet connection, experienced speeds may vary based on network configuration. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, including due to factors such as interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials and obstructions. Specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 or later generation client device. Use of eero products and services, including the eero wifi router, requires creation of an eero account and agreement to eero’s Terms of Service, found at ( You can review eero’s Privacy Notice at (

*** Advanced online security features are available to US customers with eero Secure, which is included with a Ring Protect Pro subscription.

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