Custom Event Alerts (coming soon)

Custom Event Alerts is a new feature coming to Ring Protect subscribers. With Custom Event Alerts, your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery can learn to identify when an object is in a specific state in its field of view. For example, you can set Custom Event Alerts for your front gate and teach your device to detect when your gate is open or closed, based on your inputs.

Your device won't know what the objects are, but it can learn the difference between two states, like present and absent (for example, the presence or absence of your car) or open and closed. Using computer vision, your camera identifies one of these defined states – for instance, the front gate is open – and you can receive an alert based on your preferences.

Custom Event Alerts will require a Ring Protect subscription and a Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. 

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Note: Custom Event Alerts can tell whether a defined area is in one of two states you set up. By design, these alerts are most reliable with solid objects that look similar every time they are in one of these states. For instance, your garage door looks largely the same whenever it is closed.

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