Chime and Chime Pro (1st and 2nd Generation) can no longer be connected across Locations

Chime and Chime Pro (1st and 2nd Generation) products are dedicated to their home Locations. Locations (identified by different addresses) allow you to group your Ring devices by their physical location in the Ring app. This means that a Security Camera can only activate a Ring Chime at the same Location, and cannot activate a Ring Chime at a different Location.

Click here to learn more about Ring Locations.

Note: If all of your Ring devices and Chimes are registered at only one Location, or if you have not linked Ring Chime devices across different Locations, this change does not affect you.

Ring Chime devices can be easily moved between Locations.

More information on managing Ring devices using Locations. 

Here are some more ways you can get an audible alert for activity detected by doorbells and cameras in multiple Locations:

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