Solar Charger and Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbells troubleshooting

The following article answers commonly asked questions concerning troubleshooting the Solar Panel and Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbells.

My Ring app is showing 'Not Connected' on the Device Health page, but I know my Solar Panel or Solar Charger is connected to my Ring Video Doorbell. What’s going on?

Your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will only show as connected in the Ring app while it has stored power. Should the device be out of the sun long enough to completely run out of power, it will show up as 'Not Connected' in the Ring app. Once the device is exposed to enough sunlight to charge up, the status will return to 'Connected'.

I just connected my doorbell to my Solar Charger or Solar Panel and it’s not charging my doorbell. Is something wrong?

No. In order to extend the lifetime of the lithium-ion battery, your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will not begin charging your battery until its percentage drops below 90%. You may see the solar device’s status as 'Not Connected' in your Ring app when your battery is over 90% charge. This is normal.

How many hours of direct sunlight are needed to charge my device?

Ring recommends at least three to four hours of direct sunlight, depending on your usage. Make sure there are no obstructions that could be casting a shadow on your solar device such as an extended roof, trees branches or bushes.

We have a lot of cloudy weather where I am located. Would the Solar Charger or Solar Panel be a good fit for my doorbell?

The answer to this question varies based on the yearly weather at your location. Ring solar devices require three to four hours of direct sunlight a day. If your installation location is frequently very cloudy or gets a lot of rain or snow, this could limit the amount of sunlight that your device receives.

Note: The Solar Charger and Solar Panel require direct sunlight. Filtered/indirect sunlight through the clouds will not provide a charge to your doorbell.

I have a covered porch. Will this affect my solar device’s ability to power my Ring doorbell?

Yes. Ring solar devices require direct sunlight for optimal performance. There are alternative power solutions for your Ring doorbell though, such as a Plug-In Adapter or hardwired transformer.

Click for more information on alternative power solutions.

My solar device seemed to work fine all summer long. Now that it’s winter it is not working properly. What is going on?

Ring solar devices require three to four hours of direct sunlight a day. If the weather is cloudy or you get a lot of snow, this would limit the hours of direct sunlight your device is receiving, which would lessen the charge.

Colder temperatures can also cause excessive drain to your lithium-ion battery.

Click for more information on extreme weather conditions and your Ring device.

I still have to recharge my battery. Is something wrong with my Ring solar device?

No. Ring solar devices are a supplement to your battery, not a substitute. While your solar device will extend your battery’s life and the time between needed recharges, it does not eliminate the need to recharge your battery.

My solar device gets plenty of direct sunlight and my Ring app says my doorbell is charging, but my battery life is still bad. Is something wrong with my solar device?

No. If your battery life is still relatively short even with the solar device installed, it means that your doorbell’s daily activities and the subsequent power drain is more than the solar device can provide. If you receive a lot of motion events in a day, try adjusting your Motion Sensitivity and Motion Frequency lower to cut out some unwanted motion.

Click here for information on optimising your doorbell’s motion detection with Motion Frequency.

My solar device doesn’t seem to fit my Ring doorbell model. What’s wrong?

Please ensure you check the model name on the label on the back of your doorbell before purchasing a Solar Charger or Solar Panel. Ring Solar Chargers and Solar Panels are product specific, so make sure that you are purchasing the correct accessory for your product.

If you have the incorrect model, you’ll need to return to the retailer you purchased and purchase the correct model needed for your device.

Click here for information on telling the difference between a 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Ring Video Doorbell.

Can I connect more than one Solar Panel to my Ring Video Doorbell?

No. Ring Video Doorbells can only connect with one solar device.

Can I connect my Solar Panel to my existing mechanical or digital chime?

No. You cannot connect the Solar Panel to an existing mechanical or digital chime.

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