Ring and access to your phone contacts

The Ring app is requesting access to my phone's contact list. Why does Ring need this access?

Ring will only ask for access to your phone's contact list when you install a Ring Alarm system. To simplify the setup process, Ring Alarm will ask for permission to access your contact list during setup. There are two areas where this is beneficial.

  1. Add Emergency Contacts: You can choose to add your emergency contacts manually or add them by selecting them from your contact list.
  2. Add Ring Monitoring: You can choose to add Ring Monitoring to your contact list so you know it is Ring Monitoring calling you in an alarming event.

Does Ring access or save any of my contacts?

No. Neighbour privacy is fundamental to everything we do. Ring never accesses or saves any of the contacts on your cell phone.

Can I block Ring's access to my contacts?

Yes. You are not required to give Ring access to your contact list.

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