Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation)

The Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) is designed to convert battery-powered Ring Video Doorbells to run off of line current. It can also be used in place of a direct power connection with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.  

The following article answers common questions for the Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation).

Compatible Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) devices

  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Ring Video Doorbell Wired
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Outdoor Siren

I'm trying to connect the Plug-In Adapter to my Ring Video Doorbell. Which colour cable should connect to which terminal?
It doesn't matter which colour cable is connected to which terminal. The device will work with either the red or black cable connected to either terminal.

Note: If the adapter is successfully connected to the device, the LED on the button will turn ON.


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