How to connect your Ring Video Doorbell 3 directly to a low-voltage transformer without an existing doorbell

If you don't have an existing doorbell but would like to avoid the need to charge the battery of your Ring Video Doorbell 3, you can directly connect your Ring Video Doorbell to a low voltage 8-24V AC transformer.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 can only be connected to an AC transformer or a Ring Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation). The Ring Plug-In Adapter has been designed specifically for Ring Video Doorbells and has additional safety features not found in other DC supplies to ensure that you do not damage your Video Doorbell or power supply. Do not use any DC power supply not made by or certified by Ring.

A resistor is not required.

Do not install a diode, as the in-home chime functionality is now controlled via the Ring app.

WARNING: Electrical shock hazard. Disconnect power to the installation area at your circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning installation. Always use caution when handling electrical wiring.

Installation by a qualified electrician may be required in your area. Refer to your local laws and building codes before performing electrical work; permits plus professional installation may be required by law.



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