Adjust the Video Recording Length on Your Battery Powered Devices

Your Ring app gives you the power to control how long your Ring devices record events you don't answer. By lowering or raising your video recording length you can choose a longer time to see more of each event (but drain batteries faster) or less recording time in order to preserve battery life. 

This article will answer commonly asked questions concerning the video recording length control. 

What are the minimum and maximum lengths I can the recording for? 

The video recording length can be set to 15, 20, 25, or 30 seconds in length. 

Can I set different devices to different recording lengths?

Yes. Each device has its own individual video recording length control and they can be set to different recording lengths.

How do I adjust the video recording lengths?

To adjust the video recording controls, follow these instructions:

  • Open your Ring App
  • Tap the device you wish to adjust the video recording length for.
  • Tap Device Settings.
  • Tap Video Settings.
  • Tap Video Recording Length.
  • Tap Max Recording Length and set the control to your desired recording length.

What Ring devices have the video recording length control?

The video recording length control can be found on the following Ring battery-powered devices at release:

  • Video Doorbell (recent models)
  • Video Doorbell 2
  • Stick Up Cam Battery
  • Peephole Cam | Door View Cam
  • Spotlight Cam Battery