Understanding Your New Features Page

Ring is constantly working on new features for the Ring app and Ring devices to help make them easier to use, more powerful, and better able to enhance your security. When new features are added to the app, you'll be able to learn about them on the app's New Features page.

This article will help you understand and get the most out the New Features page.

What’s the New Features page?

The Ring app's New Features page is where Ring informs our neighbours about new abilities added to Ring devices or new functions within the Ring app. The New Features page will pop up the first time you open the Ring app after Ring releases a new feature.

Ring is releasing new features all the time. Will I see the New Features page every time I open the app?

No. A new feature will only appear on the New Features page if you are able to use it. For example: if you don't own a Spotlight Cam, you will never see a feature specific to that device on the New Features page.

Will the New Features page help me find the new features in the Ring app?

Yes. The New Features page lists features on small rectangular "cards" that have a small text message and, potentially, a video about what the new feature is. Simply tap the card to be taken to the new feature in the Ring app. Certain features can be enabled directly from the New Features page as well.

Can I go back to the New Features page after it disappears?

Yes. You can always go back to the New Features page by doing the following:

  • Open your Ring App.
  • Tap the three-lined icon on the top left of the screen.
  • Tap New Features.

How long does a new feature stay on the New Feature page?

A new feature card will stay on the page for 72 hours from the first time you view it.

What happens if I need more information on a new feature?

Many features in the Ring app have links to specific articles on our online Help Center. Otherwise, you can always visit support.ring.com.