Rapid Ring app information

As of May 25, 2023, the Rapid Ring app was deprecated. Over the past few years, we've upgraded the Ring app to improve overall performance and utility.

With Ring Live View widgets, you can access Live View on your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras with just a tap, right from the home screen of your smartphone or tablet.

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We recommend moving to the Ring app to access your motion notifications, and more. Tap the buttons below to download from the app store. If you turned off your Ring app notifications, turn them back on to avoid missing any alerts.

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Frequently asked questions

Why has the Rapid Ring app been deprecated?

Ring is always working to improve its products and enhance the security of our Neighbours.
Over the last two years, the Ring Team has gained valuable learnings from our Rapid Ring app users and have applied those learnings to optimise the core Ring app to give customers an even better, more streamlined experience. The high-performance functions offered by the Rapid Ring app can now equally be performed by the Ring app.

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