Linked Devices FAQ

Device linking connects your Ring devices together so they can communicate with each other and allows you to enhance security in, and around your home. 

This article will answer common questions concerning Linked Devices.

What is Linked Devices?
Device linking connects your Ring devices together and provides instructions for a group of devices to function in a certain way based on your home security needs. For example, a motion may trigger your Video Doorbell and that motion event will cause a recording in the same way that it usually does. That's when device linking can take over.

If you link your Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam to your Video Doorbell, those devices can immediately turn on their lights and begin recording as well. Or, if you link your Ring Alarm to your Floodlight Cam or Spotlight Cam, you can opt for the sirens on your cameras to sound when Ring Alarm sounds. Your Ring devices are able to react together, and protect you as a team.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for linking your devices.

Can you link any Ring device to any other Ring device?
Yes, device linking works with all Ring devices including Video Doorbells, Security Cameras and Alarm. The function is found in the Ring app with the latest Android or iOS system.

How do auto-recorded events show up in your Event History?
Auto-recorded events will populate as a linked event.

When a camera on a device is triggered by a linked device, how long will the camera record? 
Currently, the length of recording time is set to the camera default and it varies by device depending upon whether it's battery-powered devices or wired. For battery devices the default is 20 seconds. For wired devices, any device that does not have a battery, the default is 60 seconds.

To see your video recording length in the Ring app:

  • Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the Dashboard page
  • Tap Devices
  • Tap the specific doorbell or camera you want to view
  • Tap on Device Settings
  • Tap on Video Settings
  • Tap Video Recording Length to see the maximum recording length for your device

Is a Ring Protect plan required to link devices?
No, but a Ring Protect plan is required to use the recording functions for all of your devices. 

Click here to learn more about the Ring Protect plans.

Click here to learn more about Locations.

If you connect a device with lights to a device without lights, will the lights turn on during the day if the non-light device triggers it?
By default, yes, but there is a control that allows you to determine when the lights should activate.

Will linking devices drain your battery faster?
The function in itself will not cause the battery in your battery-operated devices to drain fast. If, however, the link causes the devices to experience more motion events and activations than it had been before being linked or you have Live View enabled, that will drain the battery faster.

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