Connecting external lights to your Spotlight Cam Mount

This article will show how to connect and control existing 230V external lights with the Spotlight Cam Mount and your Ring app.

One of the ways you can secure your property is to connect ordinary external lights to your Spotlight Cam Mount. So whenever your Spotlight Cam light comes on, your other external lights will too.

Instructions for connecting external lights: 

Step 1: Set your device up as 'Spotlight Cam Mount' in the Ring app. 

On the home screen of your Ring app, click 'Set up a new Device'.

Note: In order to connect external lights to your Spotlight Cam, your Spotlight Cam needs to be set up as 'Spotlight Cam Mount' in the Ring app, instead of 'Spotlight Cam Wired'. 

If you've already set up your Spotlight Cam device as a Spotlight Cam Wired, you will need to delete your existing Spotlight Cam Wired from the Ring app and begin the setup process again. 

Step 2: Select 'Set up without Scanning' 

Note: Do not scan the QR or barcode on your device box. 




Step 3: Name your device: 




Step 4: Follow the installation and wiring guidelines

Connecting external lights

If you’d like other light fixtures (such as floodlights) to be triggered by the motion detector in your Spotlight Cam Mount or turned on and off with the Ring app, wire them according to the diagram below. Connect the grey switched live cable to your existing lights, and select “Control External Lights” in the Ring App.



Note: Total power draw of connected lights must not exceed 150 watts.

Enabling external light control 

In the Ring app, select 'Device settings' within the Spotlight Cam Mount tile. 

Then, select 'Light Settings', and under 'Control External Lights', turn the toggle on. 

Controlling external lights

To turn on the external lights, slide the light toggle in the app. 

External lights will also turn on whenever the Spotlight Cam itself turns on in reaction to detected motion.

Note: When connected to your mains, Spotlight Cam doesn't connect to all of your external lights, but rather to those on the same circuit. 




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