Video Timeline Information

The video timeline is a tool designed to let you easily access all of the events recorded by the cameras you own or are shared on. Simply scrolling back and forth through timeline events can give you a better sense of what's happening in front of your cameras and provide vital information to strengthen your ring of security. This article will answer frequently asked questions concerning the timeline tool in the Ring app.

What is the video timeline tool?

The video timeline is a tool that's been added to the app's Live Feed page. In addition to offering you a current live view of what's in front of your camera, you can use the video timeline tool to swipe left and right and quickly navigate through time and view Ring events that have taken place earlier. This allows you to not only know what's happening in front of your cameras at present but also to get a sense of what's happening over time.

How does the video timeline work?

The video timeline works by placing graphic icons - "pills" - on a timeline that lets you know when events have happened within range of your cameras. By swiping left and right on your timeline you can navigate to a specific time and see what the camera was seeing at that point. You can also tap on the event pills and watch the entire recorded event in real time.

Why are the pills in different colors?

The different colors allow you to quickly determine what type of event you're looking at.

The different colors are: 

  • Orange: Live views
  • Blue: Captured motion events
  • Green: Answered rings (doorbells only)
  • Red: Missed rings (doorbells only)

Can I manage and access live views from the timeline?

Yes. Any functions you could control from the previous version of the live view screen remain accessible in the timeline screen. This includes the ability to turn the microphone and speaker on and off, using the siren (for devices that have one), as well as speaking to people through your Ring during a live feed.

Which devices can I find the video timeline on?

The video timeline feature is only available for powered devices.