Ring Device is Too Far from My Router

Question: I'm getting a very weak signal where my Ring device is located. How do I deal with this?
Answer: If your Wi-Fi network appears with a poor signal indicator like the one below during the setup process, this is an indicator that the signal between your router and your Ring device may be too weak to complete the setup or function normally. 
In such a case, (where possible), you should re-attempt the setup procedure with your Ring device in the same room as your router.  Assuming this succeeds, you can try installing your Ring Product closer to your Wi-Fi router, moving your router closer to your Ring device, or explore possible sources of Wi-Fi interference such as large appliances, or or other wireless or cordless products that may be affecting the signal.
It's more likely, however, that you will need to increase the range of your Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi extender such as the Chime Pro. Click here to learn more about Chime Pro.

Still having trouble?

If setting up your Ring product still fails when you're closer to your router, or if moving closer to your router isn't an option, click here for information on other possible causes of in-app setup issues.