Understanding your Stick Up Cam's LED Light Patterns

Your Ring Stick Up Cam has a white LED light located on the back to show you the status of your unit. The meaning of the light flashes is in the chart below:

Activity Flashing Light Pattern Flashing Light Image
Setup Mode White Pulsing Light SetupMode.gif
Attempting Wi-Fi connection Fast blinking pattern - short, long, short, long Attempting-Wi-Fi-Connection.gif
Wi-Fi setup success Solid light turns on for a few seconds SetupSuccess.gif
Firmware update in progress Solid light until update is complete FirmwareUpdate.gif
Battery charging Two short blinks every two seconds BatteryCharging.gif
Battery fully charged Very slow, pulsing light BatteryFullyCharged.gif
Wi-Fi setup error Fast blinking light WifiSetupError.gif
Factory restore Short rapid flashing burst of light FactoryRestore.gif


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