Ring Protect Subscription Plans

Ring Protect Plan is an optional subscription service that allows video recordings from your Ring devices to be saved in your Ring account. Without Ring Protect Plan, you can use Live View on your doorbells and cameras and answer doorbell notifications when they happen, but you do not get video recordings of those events. 

You can subscribe to the Ring Protect Basic Plan or Ring Protect Plus Plan on a monthly or yearly basis. Ring Protect Basic covers devices individually. Ring Protect Plus Plan covers multiple devices at the same location. The Ring Protect Plus Plan also has some additional benefits that you can see in the comparison chart below. In addition, the Ring Protect Plus Plan allows you to have 24/7 assisted monitoring if you have a Ring Alarm system. 

Ring Protect Plans let you save videos for up to 30 days. You can check out alerts at your convenience and download or share videos. 

You can subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan on Ring.com by logging into your account. At this time, you are not able to subscribe to Ring Protect Plan directly in the Ring app. See the instructions below to find out how to log into your Ring account. 


  1. Log into your account.
    • Enter the same username and password you use on the Ring app.
  2. Underneath one of the devices you want to subscribe, click Subscribe.
  3. Select all the devices you want to subscribe to Ring Protect Basic or Plus
    • Click Select Plan.
      • Choose the Protect Basic or Protect Plus plan.
    • If you selected multiple devices and choose Basic, then the price of Basic will be charged for each device. 
    • Plus covers all devices at one location for one price. 
      • For your convenience, this page will highlight the pricing and benefits of each plan.
  4. Click Payment Method and enter your payment details on the secure form.
  5. Click Review Order, then Purchase.

The following chart lists the features that are included in the Ring Protect Basic Plan and Ring Protect Plus Plan.

How much is the Ring Protect Plan? 

  Protect Plus Plan  Protect Basic Plan  Free




Coverage All Ring Devices at one location. One Ring doorbell or security camera.  
Ring and Motion Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Custom Motion Detection Yes Yes Yes
Interact with visitors from anywhere Yes Yes Yes
Live video on demand Yes Yes Yes
Warranty  Extended Warranty 1 Standard 1-year warranty  Standard 1-year warranty
Video Recording Access recorded videos of every Ring, motion and live view event for up to 30 days. 2 Access recorded videos of every Ring, motion and live view event for up to 30 days. 2 No 
Review, share and save Ring videos Yes Yes No
Ring Alarm Assisted monitoring Yes 3 4 No No
Exclusive discounts at Ring.com 10% off Ring products 5 No No
Long-term contract None, cancel anytime None, cancel anytime None

 1. For extended coverage warranty to apply to your Ring device, the device must be within its original warranty period when you subscribe to Ring Protect Plus. Once the original warranty expires, the device will be covered under Ring Protect Plus until you discontinue your subscription. 

2. Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 30 days. To keep important videos beyond 60 days, download them to your PC or mobile device.

3. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification. 

4. Ring Alarm is available in select countries. Assisted Monitoring is only available to Ring Alarm users in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Ireland.

5. New Ring devices include a 30-day free trial to Ring Protect Plus Plan. The 10% discount does not apply to trial versions of the Ring Protect Plan. Once you have a paid subscription to Ring Protect Plus, the 10% discount will be appear and be applied to certain products when you log into your account at Ring.com. The 10% discount cannot be stacked or combined with sale prices and other promotional offers. 

Subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan.

I am a Protect Plus subscriber, how do I redeem my discount?
Log in at Ring.com before shopping to have discount apply to your account. Discounts are not available on all ring products. 

What are the terms of the 10% discount?
The following lists the terms of the 10% discount:

  • Must have a paid Ring Protect Plus subscription at the time of purchase.
  • Discount does not apply retroactively. 
  • Discount may not be combined or stacked with other offers or sale prices.
  • Discount is non-transferable.
  • Does not apply to Ring Assist, non-Ring products or Ring Protect Plan subscriptions.
  • Users cannot subscribe to the plan and use the 10% discount in the same transaction.
    • Discount applies at the next login session from purchase.
    • To use the discount immediately, log out of your account and log back in
  • Must be logged into Ring.com to use the discount during checkout.
  • Discount not available at other retailers including Amazon.com.
  • The discount will not be applied when you are on the free trial unless you subscribe to a paid Ring Protect Plus plan during the free trial.

Will my 10% discount from the Ring Protect Plus plan apply to the Ring Alarm?
Yes. If you already have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, you're eligible for a 10% discount on the Ring Alarm system.

In order to utilize the discount, you will need to log in to your Ring account through Ring.com and then purchase the Ring Alarm system via Ring.com. 

How long do videos stay in my account?
Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 30 days.

Do I have to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan?
No. The Ring Protect Plan subscription is completely optional. However, without the service, your Ring Alarm System will only send alerts to your smartphone and/or email and will not call authorities. In addition, you will not be able to record or review Ring videos. 

Is there a free trial for Ring Protect Plan?
Yes. Your 30-day trial subscription begins as soon as you set up your new Ring product in your Ring app.

Can I change my payment options?
Yes. You can change from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly at any time.

Does Ring Protect Plan require any contracts or long-term commitments?
No. You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. 

Do I have to pay for extra smart phones or tablets connected to a Ring device?
No. You can connect as many phones or tablets as you wish to a single Ring device.

What will happen to my recordings if I don't subscribe?
You can still receive calls, alerts, and Live View from your Ring products without a subscription. If you do not subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan by the end of the trial, all recorded videos will be erased, new events will not be stored, and 24/7 Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring will cease. Ring does not record or store any videos if you are not subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan.

If I don't sign up for Ring Protect Plan, will I still get alerts?
Yes. You'll still get real-time alerts when visitors ring your doorbell or trigger the motion sensors or if one of your alarm sensors is triggered.

If I upgrade from Basic to Plus, how will I be charged?
You will receive a prorated refund for any amount left on your Basic annual plan. The Plus plan will be charged immediately and you will begin a new billing cycle.

If I add a new device to my account on Ring Protect Basic how will I be charged?
When you add a new device to your account on Ring Protect Basic, you will be charged a prorated rate for the remaining difference in days between your new product's inception date and the old product's billing date. That's to get them on the same day billing cycle.

I already signed up for Ring Protect Plus when I purchased another Ring device. I just purchased a Ring Alarm System. Does my plan now cover the 24/7 monitoring plan for the new Ring Alarm system?
Yes. Ring only has one recording and monitoring plan available that includes Ring Alarm Assisted Monitoring: Ring Protect Plus. That plan covers all of Ring's devices at a single Location. If you signed up for that Ring Protect Plan for recording when you purchased a Ring cam or doorbell you will be automatically signed up for Ring Alarm Assisted monitoring at no additional charge. Note: While sign-up is automatic, you will still need to enable Assisted Monitoring through the Ring app

If I group my Ring devices into multiple Locations, does my Ring Protect plus cover the devices in all of the Locations, or do I need separate plans?
Ring Protect Plus is only good for one geographic location. Therefore, if you have Ring devices registered in different Locations (say your home and your place of business) you'll need a separate Ring Protect Plan for each group of devices.

Will adding more sensors, keypads, or motion detectors affect the monthly fees for Ring Protect Plus Plan?
No. You can connect as many devices (to the programmed maximum) as you wish to your Ring Alarm without it affecting your monthly fee.

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