Welcome to Your New Ring Video Doorbell

Congratulations on your new Ring Video Doorbell!

You've taken a big step forward in securing your home! The following article covers some basic information that will get you up and running quickly. If you haven't yet set up your Ring Video Doorbell in the Ring app, and need help, click here.

Run a Video Quality Test

The video below will give you information on how to test your video quality both near your router and outside at the install location. This will help you identify any possible issues related to internet speed or Wi-Fi signal strength.

Familiarize Yourself with the Ring App

The video below will help you familiarise yourself with the Ring app, its features, and where to find them.

Add Some Shared Users


If you have friends or family members you'd like to have access to your Ring Doorbell, you can add them as a "Shared User."

Click here for more info on Shared Users.

Customize Your Motion Settings


Adjust your Motion Settings to your specific requirements by selecting the Motion Settings option.

Click here for more info on Motion Settings.

Change Your Notification Settings


Toggle notifications for Ring or Motion Events on or off with this screen. You can also check the battery level of your Video Doorbell in this section (even if your device is wired, it still relies on the battery).

Click here for more information on hardwired vs. battery powered operation.

Click here for more info on notification settings, including what to do if you're not receiving notifications.

Welcome to Ring, Neighbor!