Multiple Ring Products Offline

If you received a prompt like the one below in the Ring app, then multiple (potentially all) of your Ring products are offline.

In this situation, there is a good chance that the problem has to do with your Wi-Fi connection.

This can happen if your internet is temporarily down due to an outage, if for some reason your modem or router was unplugged, or if the password to your Wi-Fi network was changed.

If your Wi-Fi password has changed, you'll need to reconnect each of your Ring products to your Wi-Fi network using your new Wi-Fi password.

To do this, navigate to Device Health for any Ring product that is offline by selecting the product in the main dashboard of the Ring app, then selecting Device Health.

Once you're on the Device Health screen, select Reconnect to Wi-Fi and follow the in-app prompts.


  • You will need to be in the same location as your Ring product to do this
  • You will only have access to this option if you are the "Owner" of the device. If you are a "Shared User" the "Owner" of the Ring product will need to reconnect it to Wi-Fi

If your Ring Doorbell or Stick Up Cam only recently went offline, the Device Health Screen for this product may not reflect this status.
In this case, select the "Change Wi-Fi Network" option in Device Health to reconnect your Ring Product to Wi-Fi.

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