What to Know
  • Stick Up Cam Battery Information

    Jump to an answer What is Ring Stick Up Cam Battery?How does the new Stick Up Cam Battery differ from the original Stick Up Cam?Why should I choose Stick Up Cam Battery or Stick Up Cam Wired?What comes in the box?What are the specs of the Ring Stick up Cam Battery?Can I use Ring Stick Up Cam Batt...

How to Use
  • Installing your Stick up Cam Battery with the ceiling mount

    Installing your Stick Up Cam BatteryVideo Doorbell Wired on the ceiling is simple. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide. Step One - Charge the provided batteryFirst, fully charge the provided battery by plugging it onto a USB Power source using the provided orange cable. The battery is f...

  • Using Setup Mode on the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

    While setting up your Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation), you'll be asked to put the device into "Setup Mode." In order to put the device into Setup Mode, press and release the orange button on the back of the Ring Video Doorbell.  How do I know that my Ring Video Doorbell is in Setup Mode? ...

  • Using Stick Up Cam Battery's Advanced Settings

    Once your Stick Up Cam Battery has been set up, you can get the most out of it by using the device's advanced settings. This article will describe what functions are available with advanced settings. Accessing Advanced Settings To access your Stick Up Cam's advanced settings: Open your Rin...

  • Download the Manual - Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam Battery Solar Panel

    Ring products are designed for easy setup and use. To find the user manual for your Stick Up Cam Battery Solar Panel, select it in the list below. Click here to download the manual.

  • How to Connect the Ring Solar Panel to your Stick Up Cam Battery

    Connecting your Stick Up Cam Battery to the Ring Solar Panel is an easy process. Follow the steps below: Mount your Solar Panel following the instructions in the included manual. Remove the rubber plug from the rear of your Stick Up Cam Battery. Plug Your Ring Solar Panel into yo...

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How to Fix
  • The Stick Up Cam Battery isn't powering on

    While setting up Ring Stick Up Cam, you'll need to make sure the device is able to go into "Setup Mode.” In doing so, you may notice the lights aren’t responding on the front of the device. If this happens, please follow the troubleshooting guide below:  // <![CDATA[ iFrameResize(); // ]]>

  • Proper Positioning for your Stick Up Cam Battery

    The key to getting the most out of your Stick Up Cam Battery is making sure that the device is in an optimal position to pick up everything you want to see whether you're mounting your camera indoors or outdoors. This article will help you place your Stick Up Cam Battery for maximum effectiveness...