How to fix a Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera battery draining too fast

If your Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera battery is draining too fast, it might be caused by a poor wifi connection. Your device may be frequently disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi network. Each time a disconnection or reconnection happens, your Ring device uses power, which contributes to the battery draining too fast.

Symptoms of a poor wifi connection

If your wifi signal is weak or distorted because of obstacles, symptoms may include:

  • Devices disconnecting from wifi and have trouble reconnecting
  • Audio or video quality may be reduced or distorted
  • Delayed notifications
  • Missing motion events
  • Trouble connecting to Live View

Quick fix wifi improvements

Remove any physical barriers between your router and your Ring device
Certain common household building materials and other household items can reduce the range of wifi signals, distort the signals or block them. Some of these materials include: heavy duty walls, concrete, brick, metal, stucco, fish tanks, bookcases, large mirrors, sliding glass doors, TV’s, game consoles, baby monitors and or smart appliances. Placing your router so your signal has an unobstructed path to your Ring device will help you get the strongest signal possible. Routers that are placed behind furniture or in cupboards and cabinets will have reduced signals.

If you have a continuous problem with your device disconnecting from wifi or a weak signal, and your router is behind a sofa or in a cupboard, move your router. 

wifinoise_couch.gif wifinoise_closet.gif
Move router from behind sofa
Move router out of cupboard

Move your router or Ring device closer together
If it’s possible, try moving your router and Ring device closer to each other. Sometimes a matter of a few feet is all it takes to improve a wifi connection. You can also try raising the router a few feet or moving it to an open area. If you have a Security Camera that can be moved, such as a Ring Stick Up Cam, you can also move the camera somewhere closer to the router.

Reboot your router – turn your router off and on again
This is the simplest solution. Turn off your router by unplugging it, waiting for thirty seconds, and then reconnect the router to power. Your Ring device will automatically reconnect to your wifi network.

Old routers
If your router is 4 years old or more, consider replacing it because it may be causing slow or inconsistent performance.

You can check your wifi signal strength in the Ring app.

If you’ve tried these options and are still having problems, you can try changing your wifi router channel. 


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