How to get a verification code if you have a new mobile phone number

If you need to get a verification code and you have a new mobile phone number, you can sign into your Ring account from a previously signed in device. A previously signed-in device is computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone that you previously used to log in to your Ring account. If you don’t have another device you’ve previously used to log into your Ring account, please call Ring Customer Support to get help generating a verification code.

If you used your laptop, tablet or another mobile phone to sign into your account, you can log in using that device to generate a code for your new device.


Once you’ve logged in to a previously signed-in device, follow the steps below to generate your verification code:

  1.  Open the Ring app on the laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone that you’ve previously used to sign into your Ring account. 

  2.  Select Control Centre from the menu ().

  3.  Tap Account Verification.

  4.  Then tap Generate in the Authorize a New Device section.

  5.  Input the code on your new device or browser, and you’re in.

Why can’t I get my verification code sent to my mobile device?

Your two-step verification method may be currently set to email.

Here are two things you can do to avoid this in the future:

  1. Update your Ring app. You may be using an outdated app version, which makes you unable to receive critical updates.

  2. Change your two-step verification delivery method to text message or authenticator app. Log in to your account at and change your two-step verification delivery method.

Why do I need to do this?

Two-step verification by text message or authenticator app helps you maintain control of your Ring account if something happens to your email account (for example, if you lose access to your email account or it is compromised), because the verification code is sent to your phone.
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