Live View for Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras

The Live View feature for your Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera is available through your Ring app to see what's happening outside your door and around your home. To access Live View, you can open your Ring app and tap on one of your Ring devices.

New navigation features for Live View are being released to improve the Live View experience, such as having views in both portrait and landscape orientations. In addition, you'll be able to expand the viewing area size to watch videos (if you have a Ring Protect plan) or drag the view to see other parts of the video when not in expanded mode.

If you do not see updated features for Live View, you may need to update your Ring app. 

Live View features available in your timeline with your Ring Protect plan

If you have a Ring Protect plan you can watch recorded events in the video viewer.  The arrows pointing toward one another in the bottom right of the screen expands or contracts the view. The box on the bottom right (within the screen), changes the orientation to landscape view. To review recent events in your timeline, once you end a Live View, you can swipe right or left below the image to view a previous event or the next event. When your screen is zoomed in, you can drag within the view to get a closer look at the image. 


Other options within Live View

At the bottom of the screen you'll have options to Share events, view a Calendar and Filter events. 


Tapping the More icon brings up options to Delete videos, add a Favourite star so certain videos are easier for you to find (this does not permanently save videos), download videos and save them permanently, Snapshot download which will add an image to your mobile device photos, and feedback to let Ring know about a problem you may have had, such as a video ending too soon or poor video quality. 



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