Getting started with your Video Doorbell Pro 2

Congratulations on your new Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
You've taken a big step forward in securing your home. The following article covers some basic information that will get you up and running quickly. If your Video Doorbell Pro 2 is installed but you haven't yet set it up in the Ring app, and need help, click here.

Check your video quality
Check your doorbell's Live View to make sure the picture is clear and your doorbell is pointed in such a way that it covers the area you want to monitor. If you're having an issue with your field of view, you may need to install a corner kit (included). You can also check out your new Bird's Eye View feature from Live View.

Click here for information on Bird's Eye View.

Add some Shared Users
If you have friends or family members you'd like to have access to your Ring Doorbell, you can add them as a Shared User.
Click here for more info on Shared Users.

Customise your Motion Settings
Adjust your Motion Settings to your specific requirements by selecting the Motion Settings option.
Click here for more info on Motion Settings.

Customise your 3D Motion Detection
With 3D Motion Detection you can further refine your Ring doorbell's notifications.
Click here for more information on 3D Motion Detection.

Sign up for a Ring Protect plan
A Ring Protect plan offers you a number of great features including the ability to access recorded videos and photos from your doorbell, utilise Smart Alerts for the most relevant notifications, and have Alexa greet people at the door if you're not home.
Click here for more information on Ring Protect.

Change your Motion Settings
Toggle alerts for Ring or Motion events on or off in the Ring app.
Click here for more info on motion alerts, including what to do if you're not receiving notifications.

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