New Zealand customers shopping on Australia

As of January 13, 2021, Ring will be folding its New Zealand shopping site into Australia's shopping site. We invite all of our New Zealand neighbors to continue using without interruption.

This article answers frequently asked questions concerning this change.

Why are you closing down the New Zealand version of
After examining both sites, it was determined that we could better serve our neighbors in both Australia and New Zealand by consolidating both sites under one URL.

Will I have to change my bookmark or any of my saved information to use the Australian version of
No. You should be automatically redirected to the Australian version of the site and all of your pre-sets should carry over.

Will my orders take longer to ship now that I'm ordering from Australia?
No. Your orders will continue to be shipped from our New Zealand facility and will not take any longer to deliver.

The prices on the Australian site are listed in Australian dollars ($AU). Will this cost me any extra when I'm purchasing using New Zealand dollars ($NZ)?
Possibly. Orders from New Zealand will be charged in Australian dollars. Your payment provider may apply a currency conversion rate or add related fees to your order. You should check with your payment provider for details of any such conversion rate or fees.

Are there any Ring products that were available on the New Zealand site that won't be available on the Australian site?
No. All products that were available for sale in New Zealand are also available on the Australia site.

If I need to get product support will this change the Support site I go to or the phone number I need to call?
No. The same Ring Help Center site will continue to serve both New Zealand and Australia. Phone numbers and other methods of contacting Customer Support remain the same.

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