Ring Control Centre Information

Ring Control Centre Information

The Control Centre in the Ring mobile app enables Ring users to see and manage their authorized mobile, desktop and tablet devices, and third-party services linked to their Ring accounts.

The following article answers commonly answered questions about Control Centre. 

What is Control Centre?

The Control Centre provides you with the ability to view and control important privacy and security settings from one easy-to-use dashboard. The Control Centre will also provide Ring neighbours with more transparency into how their data is kept secure and private by Ring.

What can I do with the Control Centre? 

With the Control Centre, you will be able to do the following:

  • Account Control
    • Two-Step Verification: Enhance the security of your Ring account by enabling two-step verification.
    • View and Remove Authorized Client Devices: See and remove all the phones, tablets, and computers that are authorized to log into your Ring account.
    • View and Remove Shared Users: Manage the Shared Users associated with your Ring devices, and easily remove them from those devices. 
    • View and Remove Linked Third Party Accounts: See and remove all services linked to your Ring account.
  • Privacy Content 
    • View information about how Ring keeps your personal information confidential and private.

Why did Ring decide to create the Control Centre?

Given the importance of security, privacy and transparency, we decided to create a more centralized place in the Ring app where users can see and control important security and privacy settings. 

This provides neighbours with an easier, more direct way to select the levels of security and privacy that are important to them. We feel it’s critical to be transparent with our customers and help them be in control of their privacy and security settings.

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