Keeping your Ring account secure

Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices and services extremely seriously. We highly encourage all Ring users to follow these security best practices to ensure your Ring account stays secure.

Important: Do not share your Ring account password with anyone. No Ring employee, agent or community manager will ever ask you for your password.

Enable two-step verification

When you turn on this enhanced security feature in the Ring app, you'll receive a unique code via text message whenever you or someone else attempts to log into your Ring account. Many other online services offer two-step verification as well, and we encourage you to turn this feature on wherever available in your other online accounts.

Click here to learn more about two-step verification.

Add Shared Users

Don’t provide your login information to others. If you want to share access to your Ring devices with other people, simply add them as a Shared User. This allows you to maintain control of your account. If you currently have Shared Users, please ask them to enable two-step verification and follow the password best practices below.

Click here to learn more about Shared Users.

Use different passwords for each account

By using different usernames and passwords for your various accounts, you reduce the risk that a malicious actor could reuse credentials compromised from one account to access another of your accounts.

Create strong passwords

When creating a password, use a mix of numbers, letters (both uppercase and lowercase), and symbols – embracing long, non-dictionary based words or phrases.

Regularly update your passwords

It’s good practice to update your passwords every three to six months. If it has been more than six months since you last updated, we recommend updating it now.

Click here for more information on resetting your Ring password.

As a Ring neighbour, your safety is our highest priority. We’re committed to helping you keep your home safe and protected – and that means keeping you informed with best practices for your online security, too. 

If you want to learn more about ring Security Cameras, click here.

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