Stick Up Cam Wired Displays Red Light on Power-up

If your Stick Up Cam Wired is displaying a red light when you first power it up, the following troubleshooting steps may help solve the problem: 


  • Make sure that you are using one of the wires/power adapters that came with the unit. Third-party cables have been known to cause issues.
    • Be sure to run through these troubleshooting steps twice using both the indoor and outdoor cables to rule out an issue with the cables. 
  • Check your power outlet to make sure that it's powered on before you plug in your cable.
  • Check that the cable connection is tight in the outlet.
  • Perform a reset on your Stick Up Cam Wired by pressing and holding the orange button next to the ethernet adapter for 30 seconds.
    • Let the camera run through the startup sequence and give it time to update its firmware. 

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