Uninstalling your Door View Cam

Uninstalling your Door View Cam is as simple as installing it. Simply scroll down for a step-by-step guide.

Step One - Remove the battery cover

Remove the battery cover from the indoor portion of the Door View Cam by pinching it from both sides and pulling it towards you. The cover should pop right off without any force being applied.

Step Two - Remove the battery

Slide the battery out of the bottom of your Door View Cam.

Step Three - Remove the connector

Gently grasp the plastic connector on the end of the cable and remove it from the connector port.

Note: The cable is fragile, so be careful not to bend it too much or tear it when removing it from the connector port.

Click here for information on what to do if the cable breaks.

Step Four - Unscrew the tightening nut

Unscrew the tightening nut counter-clockwise in your peephole using your fingers or the tool that came in the box.

Grasp the indoor assembly and gently pull it away from the door. Be sure to hold the other side of the assembly in place to keep it from falling out.

Be careful of the cable as you remove the indoor assembly and help it slide gently through the hole in the assembly so as not to damage the cable.

Step Five - Remove the outdoor half

With the indoor side removed, the outdoor portion should slide right out.

Note: The cable is fragile. Be careful not to catch it on anything when sliding the outer portion out of the door

Step Six - Remove the adapter, if you installed it.

Step Seven - Replace the original peephole

Replace the original peephole in the hole in the door. Use your finger to screw in the peephole clockwise as far as it will go. If you don’t have your original peephole you can pick one up at your local hardware supplier. If you used the adapter, you will need a ~14mm viewer. If you don't have your old peephole, your local hardware supplier may have a compatible one. Measure the hole diameter and your door's thickness and check these with your hardware supplier if you're not sure what will be compatible.

Once that's done, place the flat edge of the Door View Key into the slots on your peephole and rotate clockwise to screw it in. If you don’t have the Door View Key, you can use a large flathead screwdriver or another flat tool.

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