Installing Your Ring Plug-in Adapter

This article will help you solve power problems by adding a Plug-In Adapter to your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Note that the Plug-in Adapter should be used in situations where there is no existing doorbell system or the existing system is unusable.

Installing your Plug-in Adapter

  • Choose a socket.
    • Select a power outlet near the door where you plan to install your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
      • Don't plug the power adapter in yet!


  • Run the cable.
    • Run the cable down from the outlet to your molding and then choose a path to your Video Doorbell Pro
    • Secure the cable to the wall with the provided cable clips.
      • The cable can be run through your walls, or through a door or window if desired.
      • Always be careful of existing electrical wiring and pipes when drilling through walls!


  • Attach the wires.
    • Attach the power cables to the terminals on the rear of your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.



  • Install and set up your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
  • Set "Doorbell Type" to "None" in the Ring App.
    • In the Ring App, select your Ring Doorbell Pro, then tap the gear icon and select "Doorbell Kit Settings."
    • Select "None" and save your settings.
      • Do not skip this step or your Ring Doorbell may be damaged!
  • Plug in the Power Adapter.
    • The front light on your Ring Video Doorbell should illuminate to indicate that it's powered properly.
    • If your Ring Doorbell has never been set up, the front light will sin, indicating that your Ring has entered Setup Mode.


  • Test your Ring Doorbell.
    • Push the button on the front of your Ring Doorbell to try it out!


Click here to download the Ring Plug-in Adapter menu.

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