How to solve power problems with Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is designed to draw power from the same 16-volt AC power transformer as your internal doorbell mechanism. Problems can arise, however, when a doorbell mechanism draws so much power that there's not enough left over to power your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. This article will help you diagnose power problems and offer a solution for it as well:

If you Ring Video Doorbell Pro has insufficient power, you may find that you're experiencing some of the following issues:

  • Regularly losing connection to your wifi network
  • Freezing up or shutting down during the ringtone sound after a button press.
  • Voltage reading under Device Health steadily drops during the evening with night vision on.
  • Regularly shutting off (the white light on the front will turn off)
  • Freezing up during a live event
  • Not ringing your existing internal doorbell correctly 
  • Night vision doesn't work
  • Ring Pro works fine for a couple of events and then stops working

If this is happening and you suspect that you're having a power issue, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Ring app and tap your Ring Doorbell to open its settings screen.
  • Tap the "Device Health" tile.

Take a look at the voltage reading. If it reads "Good" or "Very Good" then your Ring doorbell is receiving sufficient power and you'll have to find another cause for your issue. If the voltage reads as "Poor" or "Very Poor," then it's likely that low power is the cause of your issue.

Resolving your power issue

The most common fix for power issues is bypassing your doorbell with a Pro Power Kit V2. If you do not have a Pro Power Kit V2 click here for phone numbers to contact our Customer Support team.

If the bypass method doesn't solve your power problems or you don't want to bypass your doorbell mechanism, consider upgrading your transformer. When purchasing a transformer, we recommend choosing one with at least 16 volts AC and at least 30 volt-amps (40 VA max) and 50/60Hz. Do not use a halogen or garden-lighting transformer or a DC transformer/power supply.

Click here for installation instructions for a new transformer.

Click here for help bypassing your internal doorbell with the Pro Power Kit V2.

Finally, if you don't have an internal doorbell mechanism or your existing system is unusable, you solve power problems with the use of a Plug-in Adapter.

Click here for help installing a Plug-in Adapter. 

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