What is the Pro Power Kit?

What is the Pro Power Kit? 

In order for Ring Video Doorbell Pro to work correctly, an additional component that installs on the internal doorbell chime is required. This component ensures that enough power gets sent to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
This article covers the various iterations of that component, and will hopefully clear up some confusion. 

Night Vision Booster - V1

The first version of this component was called the Night Vision Booster, and looked like this:
The Night Vision Booster came with a wire harness that had a fuse installed on one of the wires. It looked like this:

Night Vision Booster - V2

The second version of this component was exactly the same, apart from being enclosed in a white box. It looked like this:
The Night Vision Booster also shipped with a wire harness that contained a fuse on one of the wires:  

Pro Power Kit

Next we changed the name from Night Vision Booster to Pro Power Kit. In addition to the name change, this component addressed some of the power issues customers have experienced (see below).
The name change was because:
  1. Night Vision Booster This iteration of the unit may have sounded like it was optional (this component was and is required)
  2. Pro Power Kit sounds more sleek and accurate. This name did a better job of communicating what it does which is send more POWER to the doorbell. 


Another difference with the Pro Power Kit is that the included wire harness no longer has a fuse on one of the wires (The fuse was incorporated into the Pro Power Kit itself).


European Pro Power Kit/Pro Power Cable

The component below was created for customers in Europe instead of the Pro Power Kit due to power considerations with most common European doorbell transformers. We called it the European Pro Power Kit. It has most recently been renamed to Pro Power Cable.
For customers in Europe and the UK, the Pro Power Cable replaces any of the components above. 
With this option, the internal doorbell no longer rings*, which is why a Ring Chime is sent along with it. 
*The reason why is that with this solution, we remove the internal doorbell from the circuit (ie: bypass it) ensuring that as much power as possible goes from the transformer directly to Ring Doorbell Pro.
The solution has also worked for US customers who have experienced power-related issues. When sending it to US customers, we have called it the Pro Power Cable as well.
The Pro Power Cable has also been called:
  1. Advanced Power Kit
  2. Bypass kit
  3. EU Bypass Kit
  4. Fuse Kit
  5. EU Pro Power Kit
Please consult with a Ring Community Support Representative to find out whether or not your setup requires a Pro Power Cable.
Feel free to reach out with any other questions at help@ring.com

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