Ring Video Doorbell Pro Chime Kit Compatibility List


Question: I have my own doorbell chime. How do I know if it's compatible with a Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

Answer: The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is compatible with AC-powered bell operating between 16-24 volts. Unfortunately, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is not compatible with wireless bells or any bell/intercom system using a DC transformer.

Question: What's the difference between a mechanical and a digital doorbell chime and how do I tell which one I have?

Answer: The simplest way to identify which type or doorbell chime you have is to listen to the sound it makes. As its name indicates, a mechanical chime creates its sound by using a physical bell and a mechanical hammer and makes a traditional "ding-dong" sound. An electronic doorbell chime plays pre-recorded digital tones through an electronic speaker and often has a selection of different tones you can choose from.

If you're genuinely uncertain what type of doorbell chime you have, you can also find the chime box, take off the front, and look inside for a bell and hammer or an electronic speaker.

Below is a list of mechanical and electronic doorbell chimes we have tested and confirmed.

Compatible Mechanical Chimes
Manufacturer Model
Adamax CMH1
Angelo Brothers Co. 76006, 76001, 76003, 76034, 76040, 76200, 76205, 76210, 76515
Aubrey 5010
Broan 950W, 971, 972, 973, 978, C105, CBP972, CPB978, RC140WH-A
Heath Zenith 35 BASE, 96/M-B (WD-1 BASE) (SL-2796), 95B-B, 907/M (95 BASE), 99-A, DW-907 (95 BASE), DW-48 (50 BASE), DW-2735-02, UT-2747-02, 0009736, LE-96. 615-0090-LE-DXX (90 BASE), WL-106-B, SL2735-02, SL-2735
Heath-Zenith/Desa 615-0090-TR-CXX
Home Depot 216598 (1001 406 918), 216599 (1001 406 920)
Carlon CK225, DG213, DH254, DH257. DH315, DH504, DH506, CK221RP
Craftmade C102X2L
Dimango DH3XX
Dong Juan 3109-HD
Edwards C212W-2L, C-110, 580
ElectraChime (all models) Comet, Coronet, Empire, Metro, Ribbon
Everyday CHM1n
Emerson C8361, C8356, 202, C8203, C8204, C8359, O8359, C8229, C8270
Fasco 276
GE CL11, CL22
Grothe LTW 1171A
Hampton Bay CH-2796-02
Honeywell RCW100N
Liberty Bell Manufacturing Company Model 56 QUALITY
Maple Chase 60515
Miami Carey EC-525-VP, L-113, L-110
Nautilus NC103, N950W
Nicor 18001, 18002LRD, 18002LRT
NuTone 5763, BK105, BK110NBWH, BK115LWH-1, BK120NBWH-1, BK125LWH-1, BK131LPB-1, BK131LSN-1, LA139WH-1, BK140LWH, BK142LWH-1, C105, CD130m KA-10, KB10, L13, L14, LA9, LA12, LA13, LA14, LA15, LA109, LA110, LA111, LA114, LA116, LA117, LA119, LA130, LA139WH, LA140, LA141, LA144, LA148, LA14WH, LA143, LA149, LA30SAVVY, LA37, KB10, LB12, LB13, LB14, LD21, VG130, VG190, LA11BG, LA11WH, LB-12WW-1, LA70MA, LA164, LA164WH, BK131LSN-1, LA20, L-42, LA-47, LA100WH, LA120K, LA120WL, LA202WH, LA208K, LA208WH, C39584, LB-32, LA-107, LA126WH, LA-43, LB-18, LB-76, LB-14WH, 876m2055, L34 Heirloom, KB-10, CD131SN, LA202WH-1
NuTone Broan C100, C105, C120, C121, C122, C200, C201, C202, C203, C204, C204, C205, C206, C206P, C206WH, C207, C208, C208P, C208WH, C225, C300, C301, C302, C303, C306, C308, C309, C310, C322, CBP103, CD-131SWH-1, 99521199, CD-110NB
Quorum 102-1-6, 101-1-6. 101-2-6. 102-1-6, 102-2-6
Rittenhouse 382, C8230
Sears Roebuck 746-14490, 746-14400, 746-14536
Snapit 600C Signle Door, 630C Golden Tone
spOre RING Doorbell
Style Selections SS-2735-03
Tamlite Lighting DB1-2WH, DB3-2WH
Tieber/Craftmade CA3-RC, ICH-1505-BK, CA4-RC
Tieber CH5202, CTPW-RG
Trine R604743
Utilitech UT-2735-02, UT-2747-02, 0009736, 0568981 universal doorbel, UT-2796-02l, UT-2796-03, UT-2797-03
Byron D107 "Facet", D117 "Ding Dong, D422 "SURF KIT"
Air King CY-1
Compatible Digital Chimes
Manufacturer Model
BCS Ideas YourBell
Carlon DH840E
Dongguan Smart Hero
Hampton Bay (Home Depot) HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776), HB-7614-02 (1101 407 811), HB-7615-02 (1001 411 352), HB-7616-02 (1001 407 817), HB-8617-02 (1001 407 818), HB-7618-02 (1001 407 820), HB-7621-02 (1001 407 821), WL-106, HB-7611-02, 1001 411 347, WL-108-A, HB-7613-01, HB-7619-02, HB-7620-02, HB7612-03, HB-7623-03
Heath-Zenith WL-106, DW-57, 57/M, DC-3360 (3300-RX), DC-3361, DC-3362, DC-3335, DC-3338, BC3330, HE-2219-CH (DS220) (2200/2300 BASE), SL-7560-02, TR-0070-BX, TR-0081-BX (74 BASE), HE-2215-CH, TR-0081-8X BASE, DC-3344, WL-106A, WL-106-A
Home Depot 216590 (1001 406 912)

RCW35, RCW3501N, RCW3502N, RCW3506N, RCW3502N1003/N, RCW3506N1009/N, RCW3504N1001

iChime iChime
IQ America DW1401A, DW1402A, DW2403A, DW2404-ACTB, DW2405, DW2840, DW2850, DW2860, PC-5870, PC7420, UNIVERSAL CHIME BASE, PC-5810, DW3401-ACCB, DW4404-ACBD
Style Selection SS-7581-03, SS-7582-03, SS-7584-03, SS-7575, SS-7580, SS-7580
Musical Doorbell MDB-2
NuTone LA600WH
Trine LWestminster 64-2
Utilitech UT-7574, UT-7575-02 (#0568974), UT-7577-02, UT-7578-02 (#0568978), UT-7579-02 UT-7580-02
Incompatible Mechanical Chimes
Manufacturer Model
Amseco MBL-10
Broan C305, C305RW, RC305RW-A. C306
Byron 776, 7721, 765, 1200
Carlon DH130
DETA C3500, C3504, C3501
Droog Bottoms Up
Edwards C210, C210-W, C211, C211-W
Emerson C8535, C8536, C8550, C9633
Estevez Saxo D3233
Friedland (Honeywell) D107 Facet, D113 Surf, D117 Ding Dong, D128 Hockey, D142M, D230 Big Ben, D239 Bandera, D3230, D454 Warbler, D525ST Phonicia, D844, 552 Stockport, D902 Door Bell-in-One, 106
Greenbrook Electrical DHT01A-C
Grothe Rekord G24075, LTW 1171A 8VAC, LTW 1171A 12VAC
Honeywell E2609
Legrand 41243
NuTone LA305WL, LA-52, LA-52A, LA52N, LA-42NA, LAC-55, LBC-55, LA60 Concerto, LA310CY, C500, LA311WL-1
Rittenhouse Traditional Beverly C8536, C8538R, C8847, C8848, 550, 552
Sears & Roebuck 746-14600, 746,1446, 746, 1146
Siemans 5WB1500
Incompatible Digital Chimes
Manufacturer Model
Brightwood BC222
Broan NuTone C430
Carlon DH852E, DH853E
Deta/strong C3500, C3501
Elektronicky Zvonek ZV2-3 Gong
Friedland E851 Serenade
GE 19208, 19214, 19217
Grotha CROMA 230, CROMA 231A, CROMA 50, SG851
Honeywell Series 9 DW915S, DW311S, DW313S
L.O. Bell, Inc. DB L01
Nicor T18888 (PrimeChime), 18888SB
NuTone LA-174, LA174WH, LA174WH-1, IMA-516
Trine No. 75 Selectronic Musical Chime
ZV2-3 Gong 6-24
Incompatible Intercoms & Alarms
Manufacturer Model
Moose Alarm Systems Z1100, Z1100e
DSC Universal SD 15W-ULF-DSC, SD-15WULF, PTS 15 BHSW, TS-443s-6UL
Gira Door Communication System

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