Connecting Ring Video Doorbell to a mechanical door chime

The basics

Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with many different types of mechanical door chimes as long as they're between 8VAC-24VAC. Once hardwired, you should see the LED lights on the front of your Video Doorbell illuminate with a soft white light. The connection will also trickle charge your Video Doorbell and should prevent you from needing to recharge the battery.

This picture shows a mechanical chime without the cover. You can see physical strikers that move to hit plates which give the tone. If you have a doorbell like this, do NOT use a diode.

Video demonstration

Click below to view this demonstration video on our official YouTube channel:

How to replace your existing doorbell with Ring Video Doorbell.

Installation instructions

1. Turn off any power to your preexisting doorbell.

2. Remove your doorbell and then remove the screws that are attached to the actual wires.

3. We recommend using caulking (not included) to plug the hole left from the doorbell wiring.

4. Place the mounting bracket and included level against the wall and mark off holes where you'll need to screw.

5. Once the mounting bracket is screwed in, remove the level and make sure the terminal screws are slightly backed out.

6. Take your doorbell wires and loop them around the terminals, then tighten each of the screws, securing the wires to the mounting bracket.  Do NOT use a diode.

7. Place the Ring Doorbell on the bracket and then use the included Ring screwdriver to tighten each of the screws on the underside of the device. It’s important that you don’t over-tighten those screws; they should be flush with the unit. 


You'll want to ensure that the voltage coming from the transformer matches the voltage of the chime kit (e.g. 16V chime should be wired to a 16V transformer)  

Wiring diagram

When connecting the wiring to the terminals you will want to securely connect one (1) wire coming from the chime itself and one (1) coming directly from the transformer.  Do NOT use a diode.

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