Troubleshooting Live View issues for Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Having issues when accessing Live View for your Ring Video Doorbell Pro or your Ring Floodlight Cam? See the tips below for troubleshooting help.

Make sure you’re connected

First, make sure your Ring product is online and capturing events. Check this by pressing the front button on your Ring Doorbell Pro or triggering a motion event in the case of Floodlight Cam; this should cause a new event to immediately appear in your activity log. If the events don’t appear in your log, it means your Ring product has most likely disconnected from your Wi-Fi network.

For instructions on reconnecting Ring Video Doorbell Pro to your Wi-Fi network, click here.

Check your internet speed

Slow internet can cause problems with Live View. To see if this is the cause of the problem, test your internet speed. While connected to your home Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet or PC, visit to perform a speed test. A minimum of 2 Mbps Upload and Download speed is recommended for the best streaming performance for Ring Pro and Floodlight Cam.

After performing the test inside your home, test your speed at the location where your Ring Pro is mounted. If the speed outside is significantly slower than the speed you get inside, see the next step.

Check your router location

If your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is mounted in an area that’s more than 30 feet away from your router, and you’ve confirmed that your internet speed meets the requirements outlined above, you may need to use Chime Pro to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Learn more about Chime Pro at:

Check your wiring

In the case of Ring Video Doorbell Pro, poor wiring may lead to video freezing, choppy playback, night vision issues, no doorbell ringing or general power loss. If you experience any of these issues, check your wiring to make sure the Pro Power Kit is installed correctly. If everything is set up correctly, you should:

  1. See a soft white circular light on the front of your Ring Doorbell Pro
  2. Hear your internal doorbell ring when the button is pressed
  3. Receive notifications

For tips on installing the Pro Power Kit, check out this article.


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