Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Australia and New Zealand Version

When purchased in Australia or New Zealand, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a slightly different package than in the United States. The box contains several items designed to make sure that you will be able to utilize your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. This article will detail those items and how to use them.

Power adapter

The first item included in the package is a power adapter designed to work with all Australia and New Zealand power specifications. 


Ring Chime Pro

Finally, because you'll have to bypass your existing doorbell in order to power Ring Video Doorbell Pro, your existing doorbell will no longer produce sound. As a result, the box also includes a Ring Chime Pro.


Setup guides

Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro box will have a printed manual included in the box that break down the installing and setup of your Ring Pro into manageable, bite-sized chunks. If for any reason, you need additional copies of the manual, you can download it here as PDF versions. 

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