Ring Solar Security Sign

With a Solar Security Sign, you're letting the world know that you've taken steps to protect your home with Ring. This article will help you get your sign set up and give you a few tips on how to use it.


Installing your Solar Security Sign couldn't be easier. But there are a couple things to keep in mind.

First, make sure to put the bottom stake in the ground first. Add the optional extension once the bottom stake is in the ground. Then add the top, and turn on the switch.

Your Solar Security Sign only lights up at night

Your Solar Security sign detects changes in light to know when to light up. So if it's light out when you first switch it on, it won't illuminate until it gets dark.

Keeping your Solar Security Sign charged up

Your Solar Security Sign is powered by sunlight and it needs a few hours of direct sunlight everyday in order for it to have enough power to light up at night.

Keep up with the seasons

As the seasons change, the patterns of the sun will shift. This may cause your Solar Security Sign to receive less sunlight, which means it won’t be able to light up at night. You may have to move your Solar Security Sign to different areas of your garden during different times of the year in order for it to charge properly.

If your Solar Security Sign is not lighting up at night, check to make sure that it’s still getting a few hours of direct sunlight everyday, and test your Solar Security Sign at different locations to see if it gets enough sunlight to charge and light up at night.

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